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O3Used is the new totally ecological finishing process, exclusively developed by Tintoria Fratelli Pratesi in order to offer customers an innovative solution in line with the commitment for an ever more sustainable production.

O3Used features

Worn and natural look

The effect is obtained through totally ecological procedures and with near-zero environmental impact.

Compatibility with cellulosic fibers

All natural cellulosic fibers are compatible with this type of finishing, which completely eliminates the use of environment threatening substances, oxidizing or reducing agents.

Look obtained without any use of chemicals

The mechanical action combined with that of a self-produced natural gas, which at the end of the process is completely recovered, gives the fabrics a vintage look without affecting the physical and mechanical properties of the fibers.

Zero impact process

The process takes place at room temperature and the necessary electricity is produced by photovoltaic systems installed on site.

How the process takes place

Selection of one of the available fabric colors, all based on natural shades;

Collection of the dyed fabric and packaging of the garments (to be managed by the customer);


Execution of the O3Used treatment on packaged garments.



Dyed fabric

Fabric treated with O3Used

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