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Our story

For over 30 years in the heart of Prato textile district

The birth

The company was founded in 1988 as a dyehouse for both chain and knitted fabrics.
While maintaining both peculiarities over time, in the following years it is in the field of knitted fabrics that the development and specialization activities were concentrated.


The advent of finishing

As early as 1992, the company's production background was undergoing a phase of development, thanks to the birth of a finishing department which flanks the dyeing department.
Over the years, the department has expanded considerably in terms of both size and type of processing and services offered.

The heads department

In 2002 the property decided to continue on the path of development by setting up a new department for dyeing ready-made garments.
Initially addressed mainly to the processing of cellulosic fibers, it was then further expanded in the specific direction of the treatment and processing of delicate fibers, such as wool, silk and noble fibers.

DSC_0415 (2).JPG

The company today

Today, Tintoria Fratelli Pratesi has established itself as a reference company within its segment, both locally and nationally.

Each composition and type of fabric and packaged garment that we deal with is processed in the very wide range of machinery available, under the careful and punctual programming of the internal laboratories and the technical office.

Commitments for the future

In recent years, assuming a future-oriented perspective, we have concentrated our efforts on process control within the various processing phases, setting as objectives not only energy and quality optimization but also complete process traceability and embracing the cause of the environmental sustainability of the activity.

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